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New Construction Plumbing in Orange County

New construction plumbing, is separated into rough-in plumbing and finish plumbing. In new construction plumbing, a structure is being built, and plumbing is being added for the first time throughout the whole building process. Every home or company that has plumbing had construction plumbing at one point, where all the new plumbing systems were installed.

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Orange County New Construction Plumbing Work

Pipe Installations

Water Pipes

The first important component to new construction plumbing is installing water supply pipelines. These are pipelines that are especially built to bring in fresh potable water from an outside water source. City water systems and private well systems are the most typical sources from which these pipelines are fed and linked.

Drain Pipes

Drain pipes are another essential component in almost all plumbing construction projects. These pipelines, which are often considerably bigger than water supply pipes, transport wastewater to an outside location. These pipes connect to common amenities like sinks, showers, and toilets before exiting the facility to a city sewer system or a private septic system.

Water Heater Installations

Another common component in new construction plumbing is a water heater system installation.  New construction plumbers install them and connect them to the water supply pipe system so that hot water is available at fixtures such as sinks and showers. Water heaters are frequently placed in a pan that is connected to a drain. This is done so that if the water heater leaks, the ensuing water will be captured in the pan and taken away via the drain pipe.

Fixture Installations

Plumbing fixtures are often the last components installed in new construction plumbing. This is when we install sinks, toilets, faucets, bathtubs and showers to a bathroom . This work is typically done in the last stages of a building’s construction, and is considered the finishing touch to any new construction plumbing project

Tenant Improvement Plumbing Services in Orange County

  • Detailed budgeting and estimating
  • Design build/CAD and BIM services
  • ADA upgrades
  • Core restroom remodel
  • Water conservation retrofit
  • Management of jurisdictional approvals
  • Plan check services
  • Project scheduling
  • Safety planning
  • Sanitary and domestic water system upgrades
  • Med gas piping

Landlords and their property managers must often provide renovations in order to accommodate new tenants. Tenant improvement services are any form of building project that assists a property owner in upgrading an existing area. These might include services for restaurants, office buildings, and industrial facilities, among other things.

 Tenant improvement services are useful for both property owners and property managers when purchasing or renting a building. When you hear the word “tenant,” you might think of commercial apartment buildings and high-rises. While these kinds of tasks undoubtedly fall under the umbrella of tenant improvement services, they also cover almost all commercial building renovation.

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