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Leak Detection & Repair Project in Habra

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We were called out for a leak at the building meter located in the back of the property when we arrived on a Saturday we started exposing the leak we found that leak was coming behind the meter we contacted the city of the Habra they came out they would not take responsibility water was at this time flowing down the alley into the street we jumped in action and got a hold of an excavator got a hold of trench shoring for a plate out there set up a safety perimeter started excavating uncovered a 2 inch type K copper line that was leaking at a 90 we contacted the city to come back again they came and looked at the line again they would not take responsibility we proceeded to fix the line. After repairing the leaking line with new material we had the city come back out to turn the main stop on in the street tested for leaks insured the building had water so they wouldn’t lose their facilities we did whatever We had to do to get the job done even if it wasn’t on the property owners side but we couldn’t leave our client without water.