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Pennine Plumbing’s Guide to Summer Plumbing Issues in Orange County

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Summer in Orange County is synonymous with beach trips, barbecues, and the warm California sun. But while the season brings joy, it also comes with specific plumbing issues. Contact Pennine Plumbing today for all of your Orange County needs! Keep reading for an expanded guide to the common plumbing problems during summer and how you can prevent them.

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Watch Out for Flooded Basements

  • Cause: Summer often welcomes sudden thunderstorms and heavy downpours. These intense rainfalls are more common during this season than any other time of the year.
  • Risk: If unprepared, your basement might flood, causing rapid and significant damage.
  • Solution: If you don’t have a sump pump, it’s a good investment to consider. For those who already own one, ensure you test it before the next storm. Being prepared is crucial for efficient plumbing in Orange County.

    Sprinkler Issues Can Surprise You

    • Cause: Sprinkler heads can be quite fragile. With summer inviting more foot traffic on lawns and regular lawn mower usage, they can break easily.
    • Risk: Broken sprinklers lead to flooding and a slew of other plumbing problems, which isn’t something you’d want to deal with in the midst of enjoying summer.
    • Solution: Ensure regular sprinkler checks throughout the summer months. Replace broken parts promptly. Keep an eye on overgrown or unusually wet areas in your lawn; they often signal a malfunctioning sprinkler, a common issue when it comes to plumbing in Orange County.

      The Sneaky Clogged Shower Drains

      • Cause: Summer adventures, whether at the beach, river, or even your backyard, mean more dirt and debris. When you shower off, these particles can accumulate in the drain.
      • Risk: Your usual water pressure might struggle to wash away this summer residue, leading to stubborn clogs.
      • Solution: While clogged showers are an HOA plumber’s worst enemy, a simple yet effective way to minimize this is by rinsing off using a hose before hopping into the shower.

        Facing an Orange County Plumbing Issue?

        No matter how cautious we are, sometimes plumbing issues are unavoidable. Should you encounter any summer-related Orange County plumbing problems, don’t hesitate. Call Pennine Plumbing immediately. Our emergency plumbers are standing by, and our commitment to excellent plumbing in Orange County ensures an expert plumber will be at your doorstep promptly.

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