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HOA Plumbing Responsibilities

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Most people don’t realize that plumbing problems inside an HOA can get contentious. If you share walls with your neighbors, who is to blame when a pipe breaks and everyone suffers damage.

As your HOA plumber, we are well aware of HOA plumbing responsibilities in California. Here’s what we know and how you can get more information out of your HOA.

How to Tell Who is Responsible for Pipes in Condo Walls in California

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There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to HOA plumbing responsibilities. When you ask, “Who is responsible for pipes in condo walls in California?” the answer will vary based on the association you’re in.

Most of the time, these sorts of responsibilities are outlined in the association’s governing documents. Sometimes, it’s very clear. Other times, it can get pretty messy. The below are rules we encounter the vast majority of the time, with some comments about where different associations might vary.

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What are the HOA’s Plumbing Responsibilities in California?

Most of the time, the HOA is responsible for shared pipes. Main water lines and sewage lines, which connect to multiple units, will need to be paid for and repaired by the HOA.

However, even this can get confusing. If lines are shared between only a few residents, the costs may need to be split between those households, depending on how the rules in your association are outlined. Lines going to or from a single building may be the responsibility of people who live there.

In addition, the HOA is responsible when issues occur because of their negligence. If they don’t direct water away from a building, for instance, they must pay when it damages the insides of homes

What are the Homeowner’s Plumbing Responsibilities?

Homeowners are generally responsible when the pipe that goes to their home breaks, even if it does damage to a large number of units. If the damage occurs after it splits off for their unit, they are usually responsible.

Additionally, homeowners can be responsible if their negligence causes a problem, even if that occurs in a pipe that serves multiple units. If they flush something that gets stuck there, for instance, they will need to pay for the ensuing damage.

If you’re not sure who should pay for an HOA plumbing issue, call us at Pennine Plumbing now. We will find the source of the problem and help you determine HOA plumbing responsibilities in your HOA.

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