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End Of Summer Orange County Plumbing Checklist From Pennine Plumbing

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The end of summer is here, but there’s more to do than put away the swimsuits and get out the fall gear. You also need to get on top of your plumbing to ensure a seamless transition to the new season. Get our end-of-summer plumbing checklist to prep for fall and winter, or call us for plumbing in Orange County services to get your home back on track.

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Resolve Any Clogs or Slow-Moving Drains

If your toilets are frequently clogged or your drains are slow, you can try to resolve it with the help of a cup of baking soda, two cups of vinegar, and half a gallon of hot water. A good plunger can also be used in your sink, although make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned first.

Ongoing clogs and standing water are often signs of a deeper problem in your sewer or septic tank. If you smell foul odors or you’re noticing strange patterns like your washing machine filling up when you run the shower, call us right away to take a look. A sewer issue should always be treated urgently before it gets out of hand or turns into a costly repair.

Check Pipes, Fixtures, and Appliances for Leaks

You wouldn’t let a big leak go for long, and you should take the same approach with those small issues. Even a small leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water every year and create a strain on your plumbing. Start by performing a visual inspection around your appliances and under your sinks to look for moisture or small pools of water.

Toilets can also leak from your tank into your bowl. Instead of flushing away extra water, get on top of the problem and stop it in its tracks. Add some food coloring to your tank, but don’t flush it for a few hours. Check it later in the day, and if you see food coloring, call us to fix the leak. Beyond what’s going on inside your toilet, check the outside around the base where it connects to the floor to ensure there are no pools of water or excess moisture.

Leaky pipes can happen anytime, but it’s more common in the winter months when they freeze and burst. It’s also possible to have a leak for nearly a year and not realize it, especially if it’s small. Look for rusty spots or leaks around your hot water heater and other exposed pipes. It’s also wise to call for plumbing in Orange County to help insulate your pipes before the first winter freeze and prevent damage.

Inspect and Drain Your Water Heater

Water heaters keep your home functioning and your hot water flowing. But it’s not always obvious when water heaters start to break down or need service.

Check for Rust and Cracks

Start by looking for cracks and rusty spots on or around your tank. You should also check the anode rods and pressure relief valves for rust, leaks, or cracks.

Insulate Your Hot Water Heater and Pipes

If the pipes coming from your water heater are exposed, you should also consider insulating them before winter to prevent freezing and potential leaks. You can also insulate your entire hot water heater with an appropriate insulating jacket. It could lower your energy bills and help your system work more efficiently.

Drain Your Tank

Once you’ve addressed everything with your water heater, you should drain and flush out your tank or call one of our Orange County plumbers to handle it for you. Sediment can build up over time and may make an appearance in your hot water. If you leave the sediment too long, it could lead to damage inside your water heater.

Consider Your Sewer

Whether you own a business or need plumbing Orange County help at home, you should add your sewer to your end-of-summer plumbing checklist. It’s challenging to know what’s going on with your sewer, but there are a few telltale signs.

If your lawn is suddenly lush and fertilized, you smell foul odors, or you find leaks in your yard, you may have a sewer problem. Persistent clogs and water backing up are also signs of something going on deep in your plumbing. Pennine Plumbing offers free video inspections with main sewer line cleaning.

Even if nothing seems wrong with your sewer, it’s still a good idea to have periodic inspections. It can stay on top of issues in your business, such as waste water suddenly backing up into your kitchen or public restrooms. Or, if you plan to sell your house, you should get a video inspection of your sewer to understand its condition and scope of any issues.

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Whether you have a plumbing problem or just want to get an inspection of your sewer or other areas, we can help. Call Pennine Plumbing today for plumbing in Orange County help and get your home or business back on track.

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