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Does the HOA Cover Plumbing & Water Damage?

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People who own homes in HOAs don’t usually think about who should pay for plumbing or water damage until they are in the middle of a situation that affects them. Then, they may ask, “Does the HOA cover plumbing?” or “Is the HOA responsible for water damage?” If this is you, here’s how to get the answers you need.

Check Governing Documents

HOA responsibility for water damage depends on what your governing documents say. Each HOA has their own set of these, and they can be different. You will be held responsible under the rules particular to your HOA.

Who is held responsible may be determined by who caused the problem. In order to determine this, you may need to call a plumber and have them find the cause of any plumbing issues or water damage. Then, that information can be used to interpret the HOA rules for your particular situation.

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General HOA Responsibility for Water Damage

Most of the time, the HOA is responsible for water damage that occurs in or originates from outside the home, while the owner is responsible for damage that occurs in or comes from inside the home.

Thus, a broken pipe might be the homeowners responsibility, while water that comes in from outside during a storm might be theirs.

However, some HOAs also require the party that was negligent to pay for damages. If you move a downspout that causes water to flow into your home, you might be responsible even if the water came from outside. Similarly, an HOA that refuses to fix plumbing problems may need to pay if a pipe leaks or bursts in a wall.

Does the HOA Cover Plumbing Problems?

There’s no single answer when it comes to HOA responsibility for water damage and plumbing problems. It depends on the specifics of the particular situation, as well details about whether one party was negligent, who or what caused the problem, and more.

At Pennine Plumbing, we are experts at working with HOAs. We can come in and find the source of the problem, then give the association and all of the homeowners the data they need to figure out, based on their rules, who needs to pay.

We can also coordinate repairs among various homeowners so the process is as stress-free as possible for everyone. Call us today to get your HOA plumbing problems resolved soon!

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