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Who We Are

Tim and Dave started Pennine Plumbing in 1994. They both originated in England, one on either side of the Pennine mountain range. Twenty-five years later, they are still in operation and have become a trusted HOA and property management plumbing company.

In addition to caring for all sorts of properties, our experts at Pennine Plumbing can tackle any commercial or residential concerns, too! We will take care of your installations, repairs, replacements, and more!

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Recent Projects

Leak Detection & Repair Project in Habra

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We were called out for a leak at the building meter located in the back of the property when we arrived on a Saturday we started exposing the leak we found that leak was coming behind the meter we contacted the city of the Habra they came out they would not take responsibility water was at this time flowing down the alley into the street we jumped in action and got a hold of an excavator got a hold of trench shoring for a plate out there set up a safety perimeter started excavating uncovered a 2 inch type K copper line that was leaking at a 90 we contacted the city to come back again they came and looked at the line again they would not take responsibility we proceeded to fix the line. After repairing the leaking line with new material we had the city come back out to turn the main stop on in the street tested for leaks insured the building had water so they wouldn’t lose their facilities we did whatever We had to do to get the job done even if it wasn’t on the property owners side but we couldn’t leave our client without water.

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Many people choose to work with our team of skilled plumbers because they have worked with us before and know we’re reliable or because they hear good things about us from someone they trust.

Choose us because:

  • We offer same-day service whenever possible. We’ll show up when you need us and stay until your plumbing job is done.
  • We offer competitive pricing. We want you to be able to take care of your plumbing without worrying about money, so we are well-priced for all service needs.
  • We only do the highest quality work. We give 100% to every job. If you aren’t satisfied with the job we’ve done, we aren’t finished yet.


Find out how easy it can be to take care of your plumbing needs today. Call us now for service soon and stop worrying about your plumbing again!

Your Best Choice for HOA and Property Management Plumbing

HOA and property management plumbing involves more than just getting the job done well as quickly as possible. It means knowing how associations and property managers work and functioning within your guidelines.

When it comes to HOAs, we know how to help you:

  • Evaluate damage and determine who is at fault, based on your governing documents
  • Work with various property owners to coordinate repairs and installations so everyone can have working plumbing again

If you manage properties, you’ll be thankful to have plumbers who:

  • Can be on call for emergency plumbing problems, no matter when they pop up
  • Handle large-scale installations across your property or properties to get the job completed efficiently
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If you need plumbing help in your HOA or you manage properties and you want to upgrade your plumbing team, call us at Pennine Plumbing today. We’ll send one of our experienced plumbers your way soon to help you find and implement the solutions you need. Reach out now so you can stop worrying about your plumbing soon!

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