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Pennine Plumbing was established in 1994 by Tim & Dave. Tim had already established a plumbing service that focused on service and repair. Dave worked for a large commercial plumbing company in Los Angeles.

They met through a mutual friend and decided to start Pennine Plumbing, which would concentrate 

on commercial plumbing, while also keeping the service and repair operating. The name, Pennine Plumbing, was created to represent both Tim and Dave. They are both originally from England and wanted to stay with that theme. If you have been to the heart of England you would have heard of "The Pennine's"; a mountain range in the north of England. Dave had lived on one side of the mountains and Tim lived on the other side. Thus creating the perfect unity and business name, Pennine Plumbing. 

25 years later and they are still doing every aspect of the plumbing trade. 

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