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Water Heater Corrosion

Water Heater Galvanized Corrosion

Why do many water heaters experience corrosion?

When ever you have an occurrence of corrosion there are several factors that come into play. Commonly the first thing that comes to mind water quality. Often times the quality of water that the water heater is receiving is sub-par. The alkalinity or hardness of the water has a significant toll on the longevity of the pipes and material that it comes in contact with. If you are experiencing a problem cause by corrosion in many cases it is a good idea to visually examine the heater before coming to any conclusions. This is advisable due to the fact that in many cases the problem can be caused by improper water heater installation. For example if one were to make connections to the heater that were not dielectric this would promote corrosion.

When to repair and when to replace the water heater

When Build up is present in a water heater it can cause improper functionality. Sometimes the water may refuse to heat properly or in some more common cases orifices become blocked and no longer allow the movement of the heated water. Although uncommon in residential water heaters, Some commercial type units have a maintenance opening where one can access the internal area of the heater. Once inside they can then perform a delime water heaters benefit from this immediately because it is the most effective way to remove scale and build up.

If you are unfortunate enough to not have an access to clean your water heater water heater replacement may be necessary.You may also consider replacing the unit if descaling the heater also does not solve the problem.