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What is a Backflow

A backflow prevention assembly is a device that usually consist of at least on check valve and some resilient seated shut off valves. The valves need to be resiliently seated so if they are to ever be misformed they can correct themselves without the need to disassemble the device. The check valve(s) are used to allow the flow of water in one direction and to prevent the flow in the opposite direction.

There are a number of different makes and models of backflows. the 4 main types are:

  • Reduced pressure principal assembly
  • Double check valve assembly
  • Pressure vacuum breaker
  • sealed pressure vacuum breaker
  • Air Gap

Although all different the common purpose is the same, to protect the public water system. Some of these can prevent backpressure and some can only prevent back siphonage.


Backpressure is when the pressure on the backside of the valve is greater than the supply side pressure. This would then allow water to flow backward through the plumbing system. If that water happens to be contaminated it can now be distributed to the community and make people ill.

Back siphonage

Back siphonage is the possibility of water to be sucked from a fixture due to lower pressure in another area of the line. A reduced pressure principle valve is more often than not the go to valve. This is because it can be used for both back siphon and back pressure. This is makes it an easy option when a property manager or homeowner is not sure which to install. Also these tend to be the least troublesome to repair.

Is it possible to prevent backflow in Orange County

Over the years many foundations and organizations have dedicated their time to improving the prevention of backflow. The foundation of cross connection control at USC is one of them. With they research and highly dedicated labs we now have fundamental requirements that valves must adhere to in order to be installed.

Testing backflows is not just a good idea but its the law. In most of Southern California it is required annually. Some places and in some instances valves must be test even more frequently. An example of this would be a problematic valve. If your valve seems to fair year after year they overseeing jurisdiction may require more frequent testing.

At Pennine Plumbing we provide all backflow services to the Orange County California area.

Backflow Prevention Services:

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Orange County Backflow Tester

Orange County Backflow Repair

Backflow is no joking matter. If your assembly fails its annual test it is mandatory that you have the proper repairs made. After the initial repair it needs to be tested again to make sure that was the only issue and that is isn't a compound problem. You can have just one check valve fail or even 2. Shut off valves can stop working, and even test cocks can become clogged. All of these things either prevent proper operation of proper testing. In some cases the valve will still be preventing backflow and doing its job however it will have below required results. This is sign of wear on the springs and rubbers that the valve uses to complete its task.

Rebuild Kits.

When a backflow becomes unable to pass the standard test a repair is required. Most frequently a repair / rebuild kit is the solution. Rebuild kits are a pack of rubber o-rings and disc. They contain replacements for all the similar parts in the assembly. If the valve is successfully preventing backflow but is below the required results minimum it will need replacement springs. This usually happens because the spring is held in the close position for long period of time. When it is called on to open the spring has warn in to the compressed position and does not open with the full pressure expected.

Backflow Replacement

When other problems arise such as a stolen backflow device you will be required to replace the device. Another common issue leading to replacement is wear on parts other that that contained in the rebuild kits. It is important to replace the valve with one accepted in your jurisdiction and of the same type or better.

Orange County Backflow Testing

Orange County Backflow Testing

Testing backflows is imperative to proper maintenance. If the valve is not properly tested you can have further problems. Not only is the valve tested to check for proper operation. It is tested annually to make sure that all the moving parts of the valve or exercised regularly to prevent malfunction. The tester can also note on the test form if the valve is showing signs of age. This gives the city and the valve owner a heads up to know it may be needing repairs in the coming years

Backflow Certified Testers

Not anyone can test backflows. It is required that an individual complete a training course before they can even enroll to take the test for certification. Once the class is complete each county and sometimes even each city will require the tester to pass there own hands on and written exam. They are required to demonstrate that the understand the fundamentals and physics behind what cause the proper and improper valve functions. They are then required to renew there license, typically this is done bi-annually.

Backflow Installation

Orange County Backflow Test

Installing backflows is serious business. They need to be able to function correctly without being interrupted. Some places like a hospital need 2 backflows installed in parallel to make sure water service is never shut off. Others need to be located outside where they can dispense 100's of gallons of water per minute. Although, not so common in Southern California, Many places need an enclosure to keep the valve from freezing and blocking the supply of water. In other instances a box is placed around the valve for another reason entirely, like to prevent theft.

Orange County Backflow Testers List

At Pennine Plumbing we have multiple technicians that are certified to test and repair your backflow devices. In fact our technicians are featured on the Orange County Backflow testers list on the ochealthinfo website.