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What is a Water Heater

A water heater is a device that takes cold water from the city supply and heats it up to a desired temperature for use in cooking, showering, and other uses which require the presence of hot water. A hot water heater is required by law in restaurants and anywhere that sanitation is necessary. There are many different types of water heaters and all of them generally serve the same purpose. Some water heaters are large and can serve large areas, while others are small and are installed at the point of use for only one fixture.

Water heaters have many different parts the most common are as follows

  • T&p Valve
  • Cold Water Shut Off Valve
  • Cold Water Dip Tube
  • Smitty Drain Pan
  • Hot Water Line
  • Recirculation line
  • Recirculation Pump
  • Hose Bib Drain
  • Flex Lines
  • Maintenance Service Access
  • Thermal Couple
  • Ignitor
  • Gas Control Valve
  • Gas Cock
  • Gas Flex Line
  • Burner Assembly
  • Insulation
  • Electrical Supply
  • Heating Element
  • Anode rod
  • Damper
  • Vent

Some of the parts listed above are only used on certain water heaters. Also some of the parts listed above are greatly different from heater to heater.

Tankless water heaters

Unlike traditional water heaters a tankless water heater as the name implies does not have a tank. This makes the unit much smaller saving tons of space. These units can also provide endless hot water unlike the traditional models. A tankless water heater closely resembles a commercial boiler unit in a smaller form making it an excellent choice for residential customers. Tankless heaters do come with a slightly larger price tag which is easily offset by its benefits.

Electric water heaters

As with all the other types of water heaters the electric versions serve their purpose well. Lets say you need to install a heater in a location where gas has not been roughed in, and is not close by, in the middle of a building for example. You can easily run a 120 volt supply to an electric heater location to solve the problem.

Hundred Gallon Water Heater

When dealing with large warehouses that use lots of water or even apartment complexes it is usually the best idea to have one or multiple 100 gallon water heaters installed. these units are more than double the size of a standard water heater and heat water much faster. Having 100 gallons of hot water on demand can usually insure that you will not be without hot water.

Hot Water Recirculation

When dealing with apartments or large warehouses as suggested above you may want to install a recirculation line. Due to the fact that the point of use for the water is often times a good distance from the heater it can take some time for hot water to reach the outlet point. By installing a recirculation line water will constantly be circulated through the heater and back to the point of use. This will insure than when a faucet or outlet is opened that hot water is provided almost instantaneous.

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Water Heater Installation

It is important when installing a water heater to make sure that job is done correctly. One of the main factors to consider when installing a heater is water supply sizing and power options. If gas is nearby it may be easy to install a gas heater. Gas is beneficial because it is commonly much cheaper than electricity. However if gas is nowhere in site you may consider and electric heater.

Licensed Water Heater Installation

Installation of a water heater should only be performed by a licensed contractor. This is very important because all manufacturers call for the units to be installed by a licensed contractor or all warranties will be voided. Also if a unit is installed by under qualified personnel it can result in injury or even death.

Water Heater Replacement

Most commonly a water heater install will be a replacement unit as opposed to new construction. It is important to note that water heaters can not always be simply swapped out. You will typically need to check the required gas line sizing as well as the water sizing and verify their compatibility.

Water Heater Repair Services

Pilot Problems

The most common problems when an individual is not getting hot water is that the water heater pilot is no longer lit. When the pilot is not lit the water heater can not call for the burner assembly to kick on and therefore can not heat the water. Sometimes the pilot going out is a fluke thing and can simply be re lit. In other cases it can be something more serious.

Thermal Couple

When a thermal couple goes bad this can cause the water heater not to light. When a water heater is not lit it is impossible for the water heater to provide hot water to the points of use. A thermal couple is a safety feature that shuts off the gas supply when it detects that the pilot in the heater is not lit. This protects from an unsafe build up of gas that can cause an explosion when the pilot is re lit.

Improper Venting

When a water heater is not properly vented it can cause exhaust build up this build up will prevent the necessary amount of fresh oxygen to be supplied to the heater. this will cause malfunctions in the units heating procedure.

Gas Valve

When the gas valve on the heater goes bad it can obviously cause some major hick-ups in the heater operation. The gas valve is like the HEART of the water heater and is needed for any operations to be carried out successfully.

Pressure relief Valve Discharging.

If a pressure releif valve is discharging this can mean/cause serious problems. Either the temperature of the pressure in the heater could be too high. If this is the case the reason needs to be investigated and determined. If the valve is simply dripping this can be caused by build up or debresis caught in the valves seal. this can sometimes happen when the valve is old and exercised for the first time after a long period of not being used.

Hot Water Heater Installation
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