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Downey Plumber

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There are many types of contractors. One of the most overlooked contractors in today’s construction and service industry are plumbers. Plumbing systems new and old have very sophisticated physics that allow them to operate properly. For example, a typical drain pipe in your house would not properly drain water if it did not have an open pipe located on your roof referred to as a vent. Without access to this air the amount of flow through the drain pipes would be drastically altered. A not so commonly recognized are of plumbing physics is backflows. Backflows use check valves alongside physics and science to keep our drinking water safe. These complex devices nee to be tested by a certified backflow tester that understands these physics and can properly diagnose and problems if necessary

Plumbing contractor in Downey, Ca

When you need a plumber Downey is familiar with, trust in the guys with the right accolades on their side (if you need an Irvine plumber look here. Our technicians have certifications in everything from tankless water heaters to cross connection prevention. We have a specialist in ever area of the field, not just your typical handyman knowledge. We actively provide training to our employees on a regular basis and have a company wide meeting every Monday to ensure proper and professional operations.

Reputable Downey plumbing company

Not every contractor in downey is reputable. A good way to determin if a company is trustworthy is to take the time to do a little research. A good starting point would be:

  • Do they have a plumbing Yelp site?
  • Do they have a Downey Plumber Google page?
  • Does their website have testimonials and is it updated regularly?
  • How long have they been working in California?

these are all questions one should answer before picking up the phone and calling a plumbing contractor. For example at Pennine plumbing we have been in business since 1974, we have open reviews on our website for all our service, we have a review account on yelp, and we also have a Google local business page. Just to top it all off we even have a Facebook and twitter page (Find the links in the upper right corner of this page)!

Water softening service

Water softening in Downey is a must (also take a look at water softening Orange County)! The water in the city is very harsh, containing lots of magnesium and metallic composites. A water softening uses salt to extract and purify the water before it reaches the fixtures in your home. You will instantly notice that the water running from your faucets is much cleaner and is very clear. This water will leave much less water marks when it drys and is much safer to drink. Due to the fact that your home has almost certainly been running with hard water for years its safe to safe that the lines are most certainly not full port and instead are probably hindered.

Drain cleaning

There are many companies in Downey that can Clean your drains, but before you create a nightmare for yourself let us help. A common problem not known by many customers is that snaking a drain or performing a typical rooter service can often times do more damage than good. If the sewer system in question is not properly examined to determine its integrity it is fairly common that the service can crack or pop a hole in the pipe. If the Quality of the pipe is deteriorated it is advised to use chemicals temporarily in preparation for replacing the pipe. If the pipe is left in the substandard condition is is almost guaranteed to cause leaks in the wall or ceiling.

In Line Sewer Inspection

Its very common that we perform an in line sewer inspection on older structures. A lot of inexperienced technicians will make assumptions and start a service and repair based on those false pretenses. This is the most common way that plumbing fixtures and systems alike get damaged. Being able to see what your working with is definitely not cheap. The equipment we use for our inspections is made by Rigid and is not by any means cheap. Costing upwards of $10,000 this top of the line technology can allow us to go where most companies cant. We even have advance features like recording capabilities. Don’t do a bunch of guess work, Let us resolve your issue properly the first time.

Leak Detection

As with the above technology we stay up to date with state of the art listening equipment. Believe it or not, when you have water coming from a wall or floor it is possible to pinpoint the location of the problem with very high sensitivity hearing equipment. The equipment we use has different attachments to suit different environments. For example. we have a probe for detecting leaks in the ground. We pair this hearing equipment with laser temperature readings to be certain we get the job done properly the first time with no guess work.

24 hour emergency service

When you have a plumbing emergency the only thing that can make it worse is not being able to find someone to help. Or possible even worse finding someone who only makes things worse. We have a team of specialist who can temporarily repair your problem until a more permanent solution can be found so whether its Christmas day or just 1AM give us a call and we will help you out!

Downey Plumber Reviews

Make sure you leave us a review of the service you receive from our Downey plumber we always appreciate the feedback and discuss it with out employees weekly.

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