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Sewer and drain cleaning

Routine maintenance on sewer systems can often be kept up by the homeowner or the business maintenance department. Rather than calling a professional rooter service often times if the problem is persistent you can maintain the sewer system by using drain cleaning chemicals. Although there are many different kinds of chemicals there are primarily two different types to choose from. The first type is caustic drain cleaners. These types of cleaners are often very harsh and are able to bust through grease and turn it into a much thinner substance able to be flushed down the drain lines. Caustic drain cleaners are oftentimes very heavy in viscosity this allows them to travel through water that is stagnant in the pipe. The second type of drain cleaner is referred to as enzymatic, enzymatic drain cleaners are ordinarily not as harsh and much safer for the environment. These cleaners contain tiny living bacteria that feed off the waste caught in the sewer line.

Choosing a method for drain cleaning

If the clog in your pipe is somewhat of an emergency, generally it’s much better to call a professional and have them perform a rooter service. However if you insist on using chemicals to clear the stoppage are so there are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • is the stoppage severe?
  • Is this an ongoing problem?
  • Is this more of a repair or routine maintenance?

If you’re looking for a solution that is more of a repair you’re best off calling a licensed professional. If you insist on using a cleaner though, go with the caustic solution in this instance. As far as chemicals go, caustic solutions address the problem in the fastest manner. Enzymatic cleaners will address the problem much slower but will result in a continued effort to keep the drain lines clear. Still the most advisable method is a professional drain service.

Rooter Service

There are many things that can stop up the drain the most common include:

  • food
  • feces
  • toilet paper
  • hair
  • and sediment

When you hire a drain cleaning company a service technician will show up promptly. Ordinarily the fastest way to clear the line would be through a sewage cleanout. These cleanouts are access points provided in the plumbing system every hundred feet. They are also located under sinks and are the quickest way to insert a snake to the sewer system. Snake cables are designed to be 100 feet in length which is why cleanouts are now required in hundred foot increments. During the last 50 years or so plumbing techniques have improved vastly. Houses built before this time naturally do not have the cleanouts installed in the proper locations. These homes more often than not need to have the snake ran from the roof through what’s referred to as a vent line. In both situations the objective is for the snake to come in contact with the debris that is blocking the flow of water. While spinning and being forced into a forward motion the snake will free the debris while generally breaking it into smaller particles, therefore making it much easier to flush through the line. This ensures that it is much harder for the items to clog the line in the future. It is best practice when a licensed drain cleaner feels the stoppage in the line, to run the snake through this area multiple times. This will make certain no remnants remain.

Hydro jetting service

The process of Hydro jetting is the use of high-pressure water to release fragments of undesired debris in a sewer line. This form of drain cleaning is often a last-ditch effort before more expensive measures are sought. When your sewer system experiences backups and stoppages frequently this is the go to method of mediation. The Hydro jetting tool is much more powerful than a typical plumbing snake this assures corrosion and other materials that have built up along the pipe wall will be discarded.

In-Line sewer inspection

If none of the above methods corrects the problem you’re experiencing the last resort would be to run an in-line sewer inspection. This process involves sticking a camera into the cleanout of your sewer line and examining the entire length of the sewer system. If any abnormalities are discovered within the sewer system location equipment can be used to determine the precise area in which the line will need to be exposed for repair. This is no handyman or homeowner situation, you will need to hire a professional, license, bonded and insured sewer line repair company. Although most people don’t have a great understanding of plumbing it is important to note that its physics and mechanics are complex and no sewer line installation should be performed by anyone that is not a licensed plumber.