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Commercial Plumbing Services

Medical Gas

If you are looking for or are interested in a medical gas installation please follow the link below to our medical gas page

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Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing systems are often much larger than residential ones. It’s important that you have a team of well educated professionals designing and installing your systems. Often consisting of multiple large restrooms and other facility plumbing it’s important your project is run by someone capable of managing such a large job.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Time doesn’t stop for plumbing problems and your business needs to keep going. Make sure you don’t have any unnecessary down time by utilizing professional technicians the first time around. We can help you whether it’s after hours or a major holiday. We have staff ready to get you back up and running in no time.

100 Gallon Water Heater

We can take care of all of your water heater needs. If you need to replace an existing unit, we have technicians all up to date with current codes and can accomplish this quickly. We also do new installs and can even upgrade you to a larger unit if you currently have a smaller one. Call our office staff immediately to find out how we can assist you today.

Cooling Towers and Chillers

Most commonly, when you are using large equipment it needs to be cooled. You can easily do this by using cold water. After the water has cooled the unit the water becomes hot. In Order for us to reuse this water to cool the unit again, we need to cool the water off. You can use Chillers or Cooling towers to do so. These 2 items are often very large and require a lot of knowledge and skill to install properly. This is not something you want a handy man getting anywhere near. Our technicians can tackle these jobs with ease and meet even the hardest of deadlines.


Similar to water heaters, a boiler’s primary objective is to heat water. The only difference is the boiler is used on a larger scale and can often reach much higher temperatures. Due to the high temperature and size of the machine it is crucial to have a professional on hand to complete the installation. Make sure your not met cold in the water!! Call us today for your boiler installs and repairs.

Water Heater Repair

We can take care of all your water heater needs. If you need to replace an existing unit we have technicians all up to date with current codes and can accomplish this quickly. We also do new installs and can even upgrade you to a larger unit if you current have a smaller one. call our office staff immediately to find out how we can assist you today.

T & P Valve

A T&P Valve is required on all water heaters and without it life would be alot shorter. Generally speaking a water heater without a proper T&P valve could become a bomb, and have high potential for explosion. The valve is designed to discharge water from the water heater in the event that the temperature and or pressure without the tank reaches levels that are to high. A pipe is usually run down to a drain with an air gap and is recommended to be in the same room, allowing someone to notice the dripping water and address the issue promptly. Due to the seriousness of this valve it is never recommended to alter or attempt a fix unless you are a licensed professional. The recommended steps are to unplug the electrical (if present) and shut off both the water and gas to the heater. Make sure to contact a licensed professional for all repairs.

Drain Valve

The drain valve resembles a common hose bib like you would find in your front yard. These are usually the same common threads as a typical garden hose and are most commonly used for draining the heater when repair or maintenance is needed. Some companies have designed these to be made from plastic and other from medal. Depending on your make and model it is not to uncommon for these to crack and or spring a leak and require repair. Occasionally when doing routine maintenance a technician will discover that the drain valve is clogged. This is very common and is a simply fix, however if left untreated can cause greater problems. If the valve is clogged it is a sign of a more severe problem which is sediment build up. Not only will sediment build up affect the operation of the water heater but in many cases if left untreated will void all warranties on the heater.


Thermocouples are devices used to measure and control the temperature of the water heater. In most cases when a water heater is not heating up properly the thermocouple is to blame. It is not uncommon for these to go bad and they can usually be replaced without a great deal of complication. In many cases this is a cheaper route than replacing the water heater although based on a technicians field inspection it may still be adviced to replace the heater if other problems also exist, such as sediment.


When the temperature of the water in your house is to hot and or not hot enough you simply adjust the thermostat on the front of the water heater. This is also the most common place for ignition controls to be located. Due to the wide range of temperatures and settings it is not recommended for a home owner to attempt to change the settings.

Gas Line Installation

Many people fail to notice how much of a necessity gas is to their everyday life. Gas generates heat to keep us warm and is also used to make the food you and me eat everyday. Many commercial facilities that we work in use gas in there machinery to create products we use every day. Also those fancy restaurants you love so much, where would they be without the gas for their cook line. Call use now for your gas needs!

Ansul Valve

In most commercial kitchens it is required to install and Ansul valve. These valves are like an emergency shut off valve for all the gas on the cook line. In the case of an emergency one would initiate the emergency shut off switch and kill all gas to the cook line. In many cases it is required by law for this type of valve to be installed. Give us a call to discuss an Ansul valve install today.

Mechanical Plumbing

Mechanical Plumbing is something in general that people don’t know to much about. When you think plumbing you think water supply and drains, right? Wrong. You know that plane you like to take vacations on. How about all those fancy thing you love to use. Well Most everything mass produced these days come from a factory. The machines in these factories typical use gas, compressed air,chilled water,heated water and much more. You need a skilled team of professional plumber to make sure the this kind of equipment can function without any hick-ups. Call us now to inquire about any mechanical needs.